To Mr Dave Cameron Fight Times Wrestling and Boxing Correspondent - NZ Wrestling


Dave Cameron - Fight Times - April/May 2003
Greeting from Gisborne, over the years I have read some good wrestling magazines but can you tell me what happened to this one, its name is "Ring Pro-Wrestling Magazine" from the USA. I used to get this one every week. It had great reading of all the matches and I used to like reading all the results from around the world. Can you please tell me where I can get an old one of these magazines? I thank you for all the information you have passed on to me; it has helped me a lot. Perhaps any readers out there can be of help in sourcing the "Ring Pro-Wrestling" magazine, send any info to Fight Times. Questions Where was Abbuda Dein from? This wrestler toured NZ for Mr Ray John's of the W.W.F. promotion. He was from Hawaii, his father was King Curtis. Did the McClarity Brothers, Don and Roy of the USA do a tour of NZ over the years? Only Roy came to NZ, I saw him wrestle in the 1950's. Is Paul Kingi of Feilding still wrestling in the USA under the wrestling name of "Kiwi"? To the best of my knowledge Paul is still in the USA, I'm not sure if he is with the W.W.F. Did Afa "The Wild Samoan" Anoa do a tour of NZ over the years? No. Was "Brute" Bob Bernard of the USA once known as "The Chest." I believe Yukon Eric was known as "The Chest" in NZ. Did Dick Steinbom of the USA tour NZ over the years? No - only Australia Has "Wallaby" Bob McMasters of Australia wrestled in NZ over the years? No. Have these wrestlers from Australia toured NZ over the years. Len Holt, Ben Casey, Allan Pinfold, Jimmy Chapman, Ted Thye, Frank Marriott, Bonnie Muir, Alf Hockler? They all have wrestled here except Ben Casey, Alf Vockler and Jimmy Chapman. Can you please give me some information on these two NZ pro-wrestlers. Fred Colgate and Ron Cawley. They were smaller boys who turned pro and sometimes appeared on the bills with the American boys. Did Al Hobman have a son in wrestling? Yes Al has a son Kurt who was in wrestling. Was Ernie Pinches a former wrestler before becoming a promoter? Yes Ernie was NZ light heavyweight champion. Can you please give me some information on Gideon Gida? Gideon Gida was a top Hungarian wrestler best known in the German tournaments and being a star at London's Royal Albert Hall. Probably one of the best wrestlers I have seen in over 57 years of watching wrestling. What year did, "Rasputin" come to NZ? Rasputin'came to NZ. in '1969'. Was "Ripper" Roy Collins from Canada or the USA? USA. Was "Brute" Bob Bernard a former Commonwealth Champ of NZ? No. Where was Matros Kirilenko from? Hungary. Did John Studd of the USA do a tour of NZ as "The Masked Captain America" in 1979? Yes. Did the late Bobby Shane wrestle for the South Pacific Promotions of New Zealand? Yes. Who was the last 'Truth Champ" of New Zealand? Siva Afi. Was Bill Patatau a former NZ Maori heavyweight champion? Yes. Was Jack Forsgren from the USA or Canada? Canada. Did "Iron" Mike Sharpe of Germany tour NZ over the years? Not to my knowledge - Larry Sharpe did. Did the late Bobo Brazil of the USA tour NZ? Had one match only in Auckland in the late 1960's. What was "King Kong" Emile Craja's weight and height when he was in NZ? He was billed as from 25-30stone. I believe he was all of that. Not sure of his height but he, was at least 6feet. Was Hans Von Schroeder from Germany or Australia? Von Schroeder was billed as German and lived in Melbourne. What year, did Curtis "The Bull" Hughes tour NZ? 1990 Main Event Promotion. Is Don "The Rock" Muraco still wrestling these days? Last I heard Don Muraco had a second hand car yard. Is Waldo Von Eric a pro-wrestling promotions promoter now in the USA? Not sure. What happened to Ricky Wallace of Australia? I believe Ric Wallace is living in Sydney. What was Farmer Pete's real name, a South Pacific promotions wrestler? Peter Glenn. Was Lloyd 0'Halloran from Ireland or NZ? New Plymouth, NZ. Where were these two pro wrestlers from, Lou Sjoberg and Joe Campbell, both wrestled in NZ in 1950's? Both were American boys. Was Tau Paa Paa from the Cook Islands or Samoa? Samoa. In 1986 there was a wrestler by the name of "The Night Ranger" of Australia. Can you tell me if this was George Bames of Australia? No. Did Robert Rope and Cyclon Negro both from USA and wrestled for the South Pacific Promotions in the early 1960's? Yes, Bob Rupe and Negro were both top wrestlers. Was "Pretty Boy" Larry Sharpe the manager of "Man Mountain Link" a former pro wrestler? Yes. Did Stu Hart of the famous "Hart Family" wrestle in NZ over the years. No. Only three of his sons. Where was Farmer Johnny Alien from? England. I remember watching a young wrestler at the YMCA Stadium in Palmerston North by the name of John Scott, was this wrestler also known as Jock Ruddock? Yes. Who was "The Royal Viking" of Finland? He wrestled for Ray John's promotion in 1980. Tony Halme. Who was NZ's first pro-wrestler? The first prominent was Ike-Robin. Did Lord Johnathon Boyd of Australia come to NZ in the late 1960's under the wrestling name of "Pretty Boy" Johnny Boyd? No he wrestled as Jules Cadreaux. Was Ray Hunter from Australia or NZ? He told me he was born in Nelson NZ. Did Jan Janson of Holland tour NZ in the early 1970's. Yes. Did Paul Lincoln of Australia tour NZ. No. Ricky Martell and Mad Dog Martin were real life brothers, did they have any other brothers in pro wrestling? No. Have the Fargo brothers of the USA toured NZ. No. What year did "The Elephant Boy" Bill Olivas tour NZ? 1958. He is now a Catholic Priest in California.